You have finally written your book, short story, memoir or collection of poetry, but you need someone to provide an objective evaluation for you on how a reader will experience your manuscript. Let our editors give its content the attention it deserves. Whether you’re aiming for a major publisher or planning to publish on your own, we can help you construct a clean, dynamic manuscript. Dialogue with our editors to create content strategies that help you polish your work into a finished product.

Stylistic Editing:  Coordinate and edit a project from proposal or rough manuscript to final manuscript, evaluating for content and structure. Clarify meaning, eliminate jargon, polish language, and other non-mechanical line-by-line editing.

Copyediting:  Edit for grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, and other mechanics of style; check for consistency of mechanics and for internal consistency of facts; insert head levels and approximate placement of art. Check proofs of formatted, edited material for adherence to design and for minor, mechanical errors in copy (such as spelling mistakes or small deviations from style sheet).

Self-Publishing Support:   Planning to use one of the many self-publishing opportunities available on the Internet? Our editors can edit your work and help guide you through the process. Contact us for more information.

Miscellaneous Services:  We do more than edit manuscripts! We can offer assistance in writing catchy profiles for personals websites, help you write legacy letters for your descendants, letters and project proposals to publishers, etc.  Let us know what you need and we will help.

 Items to Consider:  

Some fees are negotiable.  

Rates are based upon the complexity of individual projects.

Changes are suggested, not drafted.

Projects are assumed to be one color unless otherwise specified.    

Need more than one service? Discounted rates are available for combined services contracted together.

****CONTACT:            850.221.6275****


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